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Releasing Negative Energy

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Releasing negative energy and allowing Mother Earth to absorb and transform it to helpful, usable energy.

Holding on to negative energy is very toxic for our mind, body, emotions and spirit. We are not meant to hold on to this energy. We all are susceptible to negative energy and it can come from different sources and wreak havoc in our lives. We can also unintentionally fuel negative energy if we don’t face it and put in the work to clean our energy fields. Negative energy can latch onto you from many different sources, like an environment, a person, even holding a grudge, stress, anxiety, relationships, complaining, self image, self talk, etc.

Awareness and intention is key. Without both of these, you will not be able to identify the negative energy and release it. Since everything has a vibrational frequency, we have the ability to identify and transform that which does not serve our Divine path and purpose. Evicting negative energy and inviting positive, healthy energy into our lives.

Our deep connection and relationship with Mother Earth has many benefits that you may not even know exist.

Think about the relationship we have with trees for example, we need each other. We have an interdependent relationship. As we breathe in the oxygen that trees release, we exhale carbon dioxide which the trees take in. This relationship is vital for human and other life on earth.

Remember energy knows energy and the law of attraction is a real and powerful thing.

What are you attracting into your life? How can you incorporate energy cleansing into your every day practice? You have to put in the work! But first, you need to be open and receptive to practice.

Our beautiful Creator has gifted us all we need to not only survive this world but live in connection with all things, and thrive.

Here’s a cleansing practice that you can do with Mother Earth to release negative energy, claim that space for positive energy and let go of negative energies that can be holding you back form living your best life.

Things you will need:

  • Outside space - somewhere outside where you can sit on the ground, without distraction and remove your shoes.

  • 2 Glasses - fill both glasses with drinking water (glass is recommended but whatever you have will work fine).

*It’s important to remember to breathe and connect with your Higher Power. Intentional breathing exercises can also help release tension very quickly.*

Connect with Mother Earth

Remove your shoes and feel the earth beneath your feet…walk around a bit if you can…acknowledge the Divine connection you have with Mother Earth…When you’re ready…

  • Sit on the ground comfortably.

  • Open prayer for cleansing and guidance. This can be done however you choose according to your beliefs and connection with your Higher Power.

  • Set your intention to remove and let go of any negative energy.

  • Take a deep breath …inhale through your nose…hold for 3 seconds…exhale…Relax your shoulders, and release your jaw.

  • Remind yourself of your intention to release any negative energy you may be carrying.

  • Pick up one of the glasses of water and hold it with both hands. Say aloud, “I release any negative energy I am carrying in my mind, my body, my emotions and my spirit. I ask permission to release this energy to Mother Earth to be transformed as needed. This energy does not belong to me. I release and let go of anything that does not serve a purpose in the Divine path for my life.”

  • Remind yourself of your intention to release any negative energy.

  • Pour the water out and let it absorb into the Mother Earth. Say aloud, “Thank you for allowing me to connect and for helping me to release this negative energy. I activate my connection and release this negative energy from my mind, my body, my emotions and my spirit.”

  • Take a deep breath …inhale through your nose…hold for 3 seconds…exhale.

  • Pick up the other glass of water, holding it in both hands. Say aloud, “I activate positive energy within my mind, my body, my emotions and my spirit. I reclaim any energy that has been stolen from me. I activate the White Pure Light Energy of the Divine Source…White Light flowing through me…White Light flowing around me. I invite positive energy that serves my Divine path and purpose.”

  • Drink the water.

  • Breathe…inhale and bring your shoulders as high as you can towards your ears and hold 3 seconds…exhale and allow your shoulders to relax into their resting position…

  • Say aloud a closing prayer of gratitude and let go…

I hope this technique helps you. Please reach out with your experience or if you would like to explore other techniques. I also recommend having a piece of agate with you especially if you are in a hostile environment. Agate has energetic properties that create an electromagnetic field and convert negative energy into positive. That’s one of the main reasons I chose to work with agate for healing. There are many ways to incorporate agate into your space, just let me know and we can work on a custom piece for you through Sacred Roots Designs (my handmade healing collection).

Blessings of White Light, Love and Positivity to you on this amazing and beautiful journey.


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