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Attract Prosperity in Your Life.

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

We are responsible for what we attract in our lives. When we struggle and go through difficult times, it's important to take time to meditate on the positives in your life like:

  • What is this teaching me?

  • How have I learned from previous struggles?

  • What am I grateful for in this moment?

The important thing to remember, is this is temporary. If you unpack and live in that negative space, you will inevitably invite that energy into your life. You are giving it power. The good news is, you can choose not to.

This year has been a very tough year for my family. We suffered the loss of a close family member, had a terrifying fire destroy our community and a few more life altering events that left us feeling sad, and at times hopeless and scared. My point is, we all suffer in one way or another. It's how we react that matters. If I unpacked and lived in a state of fear, turmoil and stress, I would not have been able to move forward in a healthy way in any area of my life.

Being evacuated and not knowing if we would have a home to come back to is enough to throw anyone over the edge. With only a small duffle bag per person, a box of family photos, we left everything behind. Yet, each day as a family we spoke about what we were grateful for. We were safe, we had each other and that became our "go to" when we were stressed.

I noticed the differences in how some others reacted with anger, negativity and constantly on social media perpetuating fear and negativity. I chose not to participate but rather focus on keeping a positive attitude.

I challenge you to attract prosperity in your life by choosing to focus on having a positive attitude. Remember it takes earthquakes to make mountains and pressure to make diamonds.

This quote from Anurag Prakash Ray is a wonderful reminder: “Positive thinking and positive attitude attracts prosperity, peace, and happiness. It also exposes us towards the path of achievements and success.”

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