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I Love Mondays!

That’s right, I said it - I LOVE MONDAYS. I may be one of the few but I’d like to change that.

Working in Sales & Support, I deal with all types of personalities and most Mondays are no exception. In fact, this seems to be the day most people are unhappy. Not only with any issues they might be facing, but just a general grumpiness that started the night before. Dreading Monday. Whenever Monday rolls around my conversations are usually cut short or I tend to be on the receiving end of the Monday blues most people have.

I know Mondays can be hectic, catching up from the weekend, getting a handle on the new weeks tasks etc. But you never know what positive things the week will bring. Like new clients, new ideas, promotions, etc.

So put away the Monday blues for good and start your week fresh and full of expectation that something really amazing is going to happen!

- Naomi

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