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We're All a Work in Progress

As the title of this blog post states “We're all a work in progress” but there’s an exception. You see, if we are stagnant and remain stuck where we are, no longer growing, we can’t move forward. So yes, we are all a work in progress, as long as we are making progress!

I hear so many people use that phrase as an excuse like, “I’m only human” or “we all make mistakes”. And those are comforting however, if you unpack and live in that space, you will never be able to move forward.

Take inventory of the situation you’re facing, including your emotional inventory, that’s really important. Ask yourself questions like: Are there any emotional stresses that are effecting my rational decision making process? Am I getting enough sleep, food, vitamins, rest etc.?

Who am I surrounding myself with? Do they make me want to do better or are they bringing me down? Am I growing spiritually, personally, professionally, financially?

Once you understand why you’re feeling weighed down, stagnant or just unhappy, you will be able to identify and work towards releasing the weight and move forward. Design a plan to alleviate the things that are preventing you from moving forward.

Seek multiple counsels and reach out for help if you need it, you’d be surprised what a positive conversation can do for you!

- Naomi

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